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HydroPonic HAV Surfskate

HydroPonic HAV Surfskate

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HydroPonic HAV Surfskate Complete - Turquoise 30"

Product description Hydroponic Hav 30´´ Surfskate

The Hydroponic X HAV SURFBOARDS has been manufactured with 7 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, capable of resisting weights of 350 kg/cm².
Old School Skate Cruiser featuring a 80’s shape and inspired by old school skateboarding,with little concave and flat round nose. The Hydroponic X HAV SURFBOARDS lets you ride your skateboard as if you were truly surfing your board in the sea. You will need to position your weight on the back truck, so you can feel the ‘Fin Effect’ and gain stability while keeping the 360 turning sensations thanks to the rotating front truck. Once you accomplish the perfect balance, your riding will crossover instantly! Great set up to perform close turns and breaks thanks to a short Wheel Base, which makes avoiding street obstacles something easy and fun.
Square rounded tail allows to skate transitions, pop ollies and do flatground tricks or just go up street curbs. A versatile deck that will skate anywhere you go.

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